Commercial Auction Group

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The Commercial Auction Group has combined forces with Bull Realty. Now commercial real estate auctions are powered by Bull Realty's powerful database and internet marketing!  More bidders will have access to properties available at auction.

Commercial Auction Group is an asset disposition firm providing real estate auctions through public outcry auctions, sealed bid auctions, and internet auctions to streamline the process of selling commercial properties.

Both buyers and sellers benefit as the true market value emerges during the bidding process. The seller benefits by disposing of property in a timely manner. The buyer benefits from seeing the fair market value of the property revealed through the competitive bidding process.

Looking to sell? If you're ready to close the sale at a set time and place, the auction process may be right for you, contact us today to see if your property is suitable for an auction.

Looking to buy? Then click here to see some properties currently available at auction. To receive an e-mail notice of future auctions click here and check "Auction Properties."


Commercial Auction Group
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