Tenant and Buyer Representation

Tenant/Buyer Rep Audio Clip

       There has never been a better time to secure great locations for your business. With the increased selection, you can buy or lease a location in a strong market that may not have been affordable in the past. If buying is a strategy that works for your firm, we can help you find some great properties, many at below replacement costs with low interest rate financing. Our experienced brokers will provide you with the market knowledge, selection, and negotiation power to make the right moves.

Level the Playing Field
A tenant renting space may do so only a few times in its corporate life. A landlord rents space over and over again. Experienced firms level the playing field by utilizing experienced tenant representatives. You end up way ahead in not only the rent you pay, but also in avoiding mistakes and increasing your firms competitive advantage.

Match Your Business Goals While Negotiating Lease
There are hundreds of business points and terms in a lease negotiation that can be as important as the lease rate. Our tenant representation experts ask questions to intently understand your business. Your firm’s mission and short- and long-term goals are our first priority. Our tenant representatives know their respective property sector, the market and how to negotiate with your current and future business needs in mind.

Importance of Professional Team
Planning a move can be a stressful, time-consuming job. Lots of details have to be coordinated and a single mistake can have serious consequences for your business. Moving your company without a team of experienced and qualified providers can cost you more than just time and money, it could deprive your company of its good reputation. By working with our specialized tenant representatives and our recommended providers, you can avert potential errors.

Negotiations and Timing
We uncover more options which can be very helpful when negotiating a lease. Timing is also critical, so make sure to start searches early and plan ahead. There is no cost for our firm to review your leases and properties anytime to assist with strategic business planning.

         Put the power of a Bull Realty tenant representative to work for you. Please contact us via phone at (404) 876-1640 or by email.


Listen to Eddie Mayfield discuss tenant and buyer representation issues with firm founder Michael Bull on his radio program, Driven to Business.