1031 Exchange
Company Name: First American Exchange Company
  Rachel Hollinger has assisted our clients with 1000's of 1031 exchanges. She has thorough knowledge and provides great service.
Contact Name: Rachel Hollinger
Contact Email: rhollinger@firstam.com
Site: http://www.firstexchange.com
Phone: 404 250-1604
Fax: (404) 250-1609

Company Name: Starker Services, Inc.
  1031 tax deferred exchange services. Call toll free at 800-332-1031
Contact Name: John Mangham
Contact Email: jmangham@starker.com
Site: http://www.starker.com
Phone: 404-352-1031

Company Name: Strategic Exchange Advisors
  SEA 1031 goes above and beyond to offer exchange options that help our clients with their real estate investment objectives. We provide peace of mind during the exchange process by offering the highest standards of service, expert exchange guidance and unparalleled security measures for our client’s funds. Additionally, SEA 1031 provides strategic consulting services to help facilitate our client’s long-term exchange objectives.
Contact Name: Ricky B. Novak
Contact Email: rbnovak@sea1031.com
Site: http://www.sea1031.com
Phone: (678) 522-8801
Fax: (678) 302-4428

Company Name: Tax Free Exchange Service, Inc
  Section 1031 tax free deferred exchanges
Contact Name: Wynette Cheek
Contact Email: tfe1031@bellsouth.net
Site: http://www.tfe1031.com
Phone: 800-406-7407

Company Name: Arnall Golden Gregory
  For 60 years, the attorneys of Arnall Golden Gregory LLP have been helping clients turn legal challenges into business opportunities. We don't just tell you if something is possible, we show you how to make it happen.
Contact Name: Brian Smith
Contact Email: brian.smith@agg.com
Site: http://www.bullrealty.com/showlink.cfm?goto=http://www.agg.com/
Phone: 404-873-7002