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Maximize asset value by utilizing Bull Realty to sell land, apartments and all types of commercial properties. From auctions and accelerated marketing to discretionary marketing, Bull Realty's experienced brokers and proven platform achieves remarkable results.

More Local, National & International Exposure!

When selling commercial real estate, value is affected by the law of supply and demand. While you can't control supply, you can increase demand. Bull Realty disposition marketing insures your property receives the maximum possible exposure to potential prospects.

Most brokers utilize the listing agents database, but often do not properly co-operate with or offer to share their fee with other agents, even in their own firm. Your property may not be available to other agents active buyers, drastically shrinking your buyer pool and reducing demand. Bull Realty has incredible databases, reaching prospects directly very effectively, but we don't stop there. With Bull Realty your property receives what our clients refer to as, real national marketing. 

When appropriate Bull Realty creates demand on over 425 web sites, 5 to 7 e-marketing systems, and up to 17 marketing systems. The exposure and demand is exponentially increased by offering proper "full co-operation" and shared fees with all the brokers and agents around the globe. We do this on day one of the marketing assignment, 

Receiving full value for your property requires breaking away from relying on old-school marketing. When appropriate Bull Realty marketing includes social media, video and radio. Sometimes the buyer who will pay the most is not on the listing agents database. Buyers from other sectors and new buyers will sometimes pay more than the known players. Do you want one agents database and relationships, or thousands of brokers and agents' databases and relationships bringing buyers to compete for your property?

Effective, targeted exposure that casts the widest net possible will provide maximize value for your property. Ask our clients how Bull Realty creates more national and international demand than any broker in the industry. For an appointment or to view a video on proven marketing strategies, call 800-408-2855 ext 101.



If you use or are considering engaging another provider, ask these questions and you'll see just a few of the ways Bull Realty creates more demand and ultimate value for your property.

1) Is preliminary information on the availability of your property on their website without requiring registration and an e-mail? Many people are uncomfortable providing their e-mail address to simply know if properties are available that match their criteria.

2) Is your property marketed with a video? Video has become much more important with smart phones and increased access to fast internet.

3) Is your property gaining exposure from a popular nationally syndicated commercial real estate talk radio show on 42 stations?

4) Are they using social media to increase exposure?

5) Does the agent you use have "a full marketing team" behind them insuring your property is being marketing properly while it is new to the market, when the best offers are sometimes made?

6) Does their website have a translation feature and a currency converter for international buyers?

7) Does your broker have access to the best national buyer databases in the country to contact prospects directly?

8) Is the firm known in the market place for cooperating and sharing fees with outside brokers?

9) Does the firm utilize the brokers you met, or do they delegate to less experienced associates?

10) Does the firm include the national exposure of offering fees to agents all over the country creating availability of the offering on 426 websites, 17 marketing systems and 5 to 7 e-marketing systems? 


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We encourage you to compare the benefits of engaging Bull Realty to any firm in the country. The results we provide will make you look good and make your job easier. Bull Realty has grown and done well throughout the past downturn because our marketing platform is designed to benefit you as a seller. We are known for the type of marketing that you as seller want to maximize the value of your property.

Contact us now to experience the best disposition marketing in the country at 800-408-2855 ext 101 or Info@BullRealty.com.