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1031 Exchanges

The 1031 Exchange allows you to defer taxes on the sale of real estate held for investment or business purposes, if you reinvest in a like-kind property within certain time frames and guidelines. Instead of paying the taxes due on the sale of the property, you can utilize the funds to generate cash flow and build more wealth.

While assisting clients in these endeavors over the last 30 years, Bull Realty has been involved in thousands of 1031 transactions. You’re invited to utilize our 1031 experience, market knowledge, our proven "Best Practices," along with our Resources, such as "Basic 1031 Exchange Definitions." Your 1031 Exchange transactions will be easier and more profitable.

You will get more value from your relinquished property by utilizing our extensive buyer databases and the best marketing platform in the industry. You will have the best selection of replacement properties from our extensive ownership databases, access to every property search system and our team approach to locating property for 1031 clients.

Bull Realty’s brokers specialize by property type and will help you make the most of your exchange whether your property is office, retail, industrial, multifamily, land, single tenant net leased or healthcare real estate.  We will meet with you and carefully analyze your portfolio. Among other things, we will look at the cash flows, expected appreciation, and the existing debt and returns on your current equity. We will also review your goals to help you determine strategies to add value to your endeavors. Depending on your mission, there are many instances where we might utilize 1031 Exchanges.

Bull Realty brokers offer you all the advantages described here and many more. There are many other best practices and ways we will add value to your 1031 Exchanges. Call us about construction exchanges, reverse exchanges, multiple replacement property options, cash back options and other proven 1031 strategies.

Through helping thousands of 1031 investors over many years, we have seen what investors do right and what investors do wrong. To discuss best practices for your 1031 exchange, contact Michael Bull at 404-876-1640 x101.